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Our Service

Welcome to Midsouth Metal Buildings—your one-stop destination for the best custom canopies and awnings.

When it comes to creating your custom awnings, there are dozens of options. From the shape to the valence to the scallops of the finishing heads, our company specializes in commercial and residential fabric awnings in many different shapes and sizes.

Our custom canopies give businesses an affordable and efficient way to garner attention and promote their brand. Residential users can also benefit from them and make the most of their needs.

Below, we expand on the topic of custom canopies and awnings in detail, presenting our services.

Custom Canopies

We design and manufacture various types of custom canopies that allow for maximum shading and rain protection. Our custom canopies in Memphis also present a great way to showcase your brand and attach your logo on them. The custom canopy designs that we offer come in a range of fabrics, including canvas, acrylic canvas, mesh, and PVC for optimal sun and rain protection.

We can align with your needs and use standard colors, various sunshades, and the best-in-class components for your custom canopy needs. Some of the most popular choices that we are proud to offer include:

  • Walkway Canopies—These canopies offer unlimited design and flexibility. They can be curved, segmented, flat, or tiered. The main benefit of these is to help protect your walkway and provide visual acuity in transitional spaces and navigational areas. Besides that, the walkway canopies are an ideal choice for impact-resistant protection in high-traffic areas.
  • Hanger Rod Canopies—With a wide range of applications and uses, our hanger rod canopies are ideal when fitted as a door or window canopy, and they fit seamlessly in numerous types of architectural designs. The bold lines and custom canopies options that we use can make your hanger rod canopies a perfect investment and a creative choice for your living or working area.
  • Eyebrow Canopies—This is a perfect and very common choice in commercial canopies and awnings. Eyebrow canopies eliminate the use of sag rods or valance hangers and provide a tremendous live load and a great horizontal wind load. Ideal for entrances, marquees, and loading docks, they are architecturally appealing and available prefinished.
  • Custom Canopies—If you need custom canopies for your unique needs, we can fabricate them to fit just about any interior or exterior project that you can create. Make sure to check all of our add-on features.

On top of making our custom canopies fully customizable, we also aim to be your go-to source for all shade structures. Below, you can take a look at some of our custom awnings and the numerous choices.

Custom Awnings

Our custom awnings come in a wide range of options, colors, and patterns. They consist of durable woven fabrics made from acrylic fibers. As such, they are also known as fabric awnings. The custom awnings consist of materials that naturally resist the growth of fungi (mold and mildew) and can resist color running and fading.

Choosing custom awnings for your residential or commercial space in Memphis will help reduce the utility bills and cooling costs, expand your living space, and get the best out of sun protection and shade control. In times when the sun’s rays are more than just annoying, getting fabric awnings can help you stay cool on a hot day and stay covered at all times.

Besides this, our custom awnings come in a range of structure styles, tailored to your commercial or residential needs. Some of the common choices for fabric awnings include:

  • Patio and deck awnings—Patio awnings are an excellent choice for maximum protection from the heat and the harmful UV rays of the sun. They can shelter you from rains too, and are ideal when you have an urge to barbecue in the rain.
  • Window awnings—Window awnings prevent the sun from shining through your windows. Many people choose them for their windows, but we can also adapt them to fit sliding glass doors. A side benefit of these is that they can keep inside temperatures cooler, prevent your fabrics from fading out, and help you save on air-conditioning costs.
  • Door awnings—Also known as overhangs, door awnings attach to your door and withstand year-round conditions. The most typical application for these is in retail storefronts, restaurants, and business offices. Sturdy and durable, our custom door awnings stand up to weather during every season.
  • Custom awnings—We offer both residential and commercial custom awnings that tailor to your exact needs or the measurements of your shared space. Available in all standard colors, materials, and many other options, the best way to get perfect custom awnings is by contacting us.

From homes to businesses, hotels, and restaurants, it seems like everyone can benefit from custom awnings. We can make custom cabinas, walkway awnings, and patio covers customized with your company’s colors and logo.

Metal Siding

We are a siding contractor offering a wide range of metal siding options. Metal siding is a popular option for residential and commercial buildings because of the variety of ways it can be used, the ease of installation, and the long lifespan.

The extensive options in steel siding, as well as the metal’s longevity and minimal maintenance required, have allowed us to drive this trend and incorporate various metal siding options in Memphis homes and businesses, achieving modern, traditional, and industrial-style designs.

Aluminum Composite Panels

Our aluminum composite panels consist of coil-coated aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. They are frequently used for external cladding or faces of buildings and can provide optional insulation in your shared spaces.

The framing and attachment systems that we employ allow for consistent finishes and composite panels. They come in three unique categories, including rain screen, joint, and glazed-in options.

Why Choose Our Custom Canopies And Awnings?

We do all of our custom canopies and awnings in-house to eliminate the costs of the middlemen and keep the price low and competitive. As experts in the field, we keep up with all industry trends and practices so that you know you are getting the absolute best in the business.

Whether it’s your home or your business, your interior or exterior, our custom canopies and awnings can give you the protection you need and the balance you want in all seasons.

We have been providing canopy and awning services to homes and businesses for some time now, building and installing different types of designs that best fit different living or working spaces.

Let us transform your common space into a cool and comfortable living or working area! We can make the awning or sunshade you have been dreaming of.

If you are interested in seeing samples of our custom canopies and awnings, call us now to get your free quote and get started on your custom project today.